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We’d like to introduce our company, “VRIHAD Health Care Private Limited,” which specializes in the production of medical devices such as ICU beds, attendant benches, OT tables, OT lights, C-arms, stretchers trolleys, labor and examination tables, and bedside lockers. Our manufacturing plant has all of the essential equipment for producing high-quality medical items. We have an in-house Quality Assurance department that meets all of the customer’s expectations and ensures reliability.

This company was founded by a group of highly skilled and experienced individuals to provide the highest quality, on-time delivery, after-sales services, and cost-effective medical equipment.

How to Buy Only the Best

Driven to Improve The Quality of Healthcare

Quality underlies all we do for our customers to improve health care. Through our comprehensive quality system, we provide medical products and services that meet regulatory criteria.

Outstanding Product and Service Quality

Our priority is to deliver dependent equipment solutions that maximise the safety and wellness of patients.

Continuous Enhancements to the Client Experience

Our top priority is to provide an excellent customer experience, faster order processing times, and reduced wait times for technical help.

Increased Mental Clarity

We are dedicated to patient safety and continuous improvement, which leads to increased pleasure and peace of mind.

More alternatives to pick from

We allow you to examine multiple goods at once and choose from and in any number to get the medical supplies that best fit your needs.

Refund or Replacement

If you are dissatisfied or have any concerns about the quantity, quality, or expiration date, you can seek a refund or replacement at any time.

Privacy and Convenience

You can visit the website whenever you want and make a purchase whenever you want. You can also shop here in greater privacy.

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VRIHAD Health Care Private Limited is a prominent provider of high-quality goods and solutions for the healthcare industry. We are always working to keep your health and cleanliness in check. Our medical instruments, sales, and service offerings assist you in performing your best work every time.

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Plot No. 7/10 1st floor, Priadarshani Parisar , Subhash Chandra Bose Square Bhilai-Nagar Distt-Durg C.G.490023

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